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Siri…… cancel my three o’clock and access sexy_boob.exe




Hey you fucking idiot, iPhones are an apple product and apple products can’t run .exe files so it would have to be sexy_boob.dmg


Siri, please run whats_your.dmg

Technically, .dmg files are not applications. More like Apple’s own version of .zip / .rar files (source), which is why, when opened, they act like a mounted disk drive. Apple applications end in .app and iOS devices specially use .ipa.

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Honestly, I frigging hate how iOS 7 changed how wallpapers / lock screen backgrounds are handled. Its like it has this weird minimum zoom level, so certain images just don’t work because the important details get cropped out. Its ridiculous, having to force the things you actually want to see be centered in the image… <.<

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I’ve been planning on getting a Mac (in theory would order at the end of the month), purely for native iOS development, and figured I’d go for one of their laptops to replace my current, sluggish one that I don’t really use.


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Absolutely love slick and beautiful user interfaces.

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iPhone 4S and iOS 5

Here’s my thoughts on iPhone 4S:

Its a nice spec bump, and honestly pretty much expected when you look back on iPhone 3G -> 3GS. To expect the iPhone 5 was asking for too much so not surprised we didn’t hear anything about that.

Siri is really nifty, IMO. But I hate that its only for the new device <.<
Hopefully, the jailbreak scene will be able to extract it out and throw it into custom IPSW packages so that all devices that can update to iOS 5 can benefit Siri.

And so, now I patiently wait for iOS 5 to come out next week… my iPod touch has been ridiculously laggy, so doing a full wipe and pure native might help. Still, jailbreak forever and always. Because there are some things Apple just won’t do… Iconoclasm, Winterboard, Parallax, etc.

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